Much Ado About Pretty Much Nothing



Shirt cred to my sister, Marlo.

It’s a beautiful 78 degree day here in Old Saybrook, which is doing more to improve my mood than just about anything could. Plus I’ve made it through the first half of May without a trip to the hospital (woot!). I’m realizing that it’s been over three weeks since my last update; I’ll try to do better to keep everyone in the loop so you don’t have to email/message/call/send smoke signals to ask what’s up.

More Head Games

After some back and forth with insurance, my neurosurgeon’s office is resubmitting the request for my previously-denied brain MRI. It’s scheduled for May 22nd, assuming it is approved by Cigna. Cigna did respond to my Twitter rant about the first refusal and offered a peer-to-peer physician review of my case with Dr. Chiang, so given that and the fact that I’ve had non-stop nausea for the past couple of weeks (a sign there may still be something going on up there in my noggin), we are fairly confident it will be approved this time.

Yesterday I saw a new neurologist at Yale who specializes in seizures and epilepsy. His role on my treatment team is to manage the medications that control my seizures. He’s keeping me on the same dosage of Keppra, the medication that I’ve been on since my first seizure back in February. He’s also prescribed a nasal spray that is supposed to help stop a seizure in progress if I take it in the early stages. I haven’t had a seizure since mid-March at this point, so the Keppra seems to be doing its job. I won’t be able to drive my car again until three months have passed since my last seizure, which puts us at mid-June. I’m counting the days (and hoping that the seizures are permanently behind us!).

And Life Goes On

For those who asked, Jasper did make it to prom and had a blast. While we didn’t have enough time to get a tux lined up, his stepdad took him out the night before the big event and bought him a suit (and even talked the manager into some on the spot alterations).

Mother’s DIMG_5818ay was lovely and I got the chance to see all the kids. I received many lovely cards and presents, including an incredible painting of Ollie, our blind Siamese cat, by resident artist Jasper (see photo). Also not pictured, but very much appreciated, was a two-person kayak with all the accessories (thanks Tim!). After some lessons from the kids, I can explore our Old Saybrook waterways via kayak, and knock that off my bucket list.

Next month is another bucket list adventure – our trip to Chicago to see Hamilton and to visit old stomping grounds. We will also be traveling up to the Milwaukee area for a stop at the Harley Davidson plant and museum, and a side trip to my alma mater, Marquette University. Tim has never really been to the Midwest aside from making connections at O’Hare, so it will be fun to give him the grand tour.

We’ll also be going to the Grand Canyon and Sturgis this summer, thanks to the generosity of friends, family, and kind strangers who donated to my bucket list fund in memory of my late father, Paul Ford. Tim and I have been overwhelmed by the support and kindness of so many. We will be sure to share details of our adventures here.

I also promise to post again with the results of my next brain MRI, or with a rant about my health insurance if by some chance it is denied a second time. Fingers crossed it continues to show good post-treatment progress and no new metastases.

7 thoughts on “Much Ado About Pretty Much Nothing

  1. Thank you for the update, my dear friend! I can’t wait to see you next month and would be happy to show Tim around the City 🙂 Fingers and toes crossed that Cigna gets their head out of their arse and I look forward to happy news after the 22nd. We think about you often and are always sending happy thoughts, positive vibes and good juju. Love you! Shorty, Foolio and The Cheech xo

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  2. Paula, you sound great in this post. Fingers crossed you get your MRI approved and your seizures are a thing of past. Also hope the nausea goes away (yuck). Sending lots of hugs your way.
    P.S. That painting of Ollie is wonderful! Jasper is so talented!

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  3. Great news. So happy you are seizure free and persisting with the rest of us!
    Please message me with some details as we are in Wisconsin. I would love to either meet you and Phyllis in Chicago or Milwaukee or have you and Tim stay with us here or up North en route to Sturgis. I will also chat around the Harley crowd in my friends once Inknow your dates as I am sure there are connections at the plant and Sturgis as well. Last, please don’t need anything, but Aurora is where I hang my healthcare hat. If you need assistance while in Milwaukee or Wisconsin get to St Lukes and be sure they hunt me down.
    Peace out!

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    • Thanks Julie…I appreciate it! Tim & I will be sitting down this weekend to start planning when we’ll be in Wisconsin. I’ll message you next week and let you know.


  4. Paula I just love that smile, I hope it stays there a long long time. Great news no more seizures 😁
    Jasper has so much talent, what a great picture
    Love you
    Thank for the good news

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