Weddings and Wide Open Spaces

We made it to Washington and Arizona without a visit to the doctor or hospital. I only fell once (I blame the heels that I haven’t worn in months) and I walked more than I have in at least a year. All in all, it was a very successful vacation.

The trip started with a flight to Washington to see my beautiful niece Katie and her now-husband Freddie tie the knot. It was a lovely ceremony and celebration, and it really felt like my Dad (Katie’s grandpa) was there watching over all and blessing this special couple. We had to miss my Dad’s memorial celebration due to my health earlier this year, so it was so nice to catch up and to spend some time with Nora, my stepmom, and the rest of the family.


Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Wilhelm

The Arizona leg of our trip started at the Phoenix airport and wound its way up to Sedona and Jerome (a small former copper mining town turned arts and tourist destination tucked up into the mountains) before hitting the Grand Canyon and nearby sites like Meteor Crater. We stayed in Flagstaff (home of Aunt Edna) to be in driving distance of all the spots we wanted to visit. It was the first time in Arizona for both of us and we were in awe of the gorgeous scenery, the animals, and the fancy Mercedes the rental car place upgraded us to (which we still hadn’t figured out all the bells and whistles to at the end of the trip).


At the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

If you’d like to see the rest of the trip pictures you can visit the album at Shutterfly. We are leaving for the Black Hills of South Dakota (and the Sturgis motorcycle rally) later this week to make our final bucket list trip of the summer. We will share those adventures in the next post.

My next brain MRI is in early September. I’m also due for my regular four month CT and bone scans towards the end of this month. Aside from being tired and hungry (which is directly related to the steroids I’m on to manage the swelling in my brain), I am feeling pretty good. The worse part of steroids is that you have a perpetual gigantic appetite, which translates to a creeping weight gain over time, and they tend to feed insomnia as well. You never think cancer will make you gain weight (until you have it, that is). But this too shall pass.

Until next time,

Paula & Tim

6 thoughts on “Weddings and Wide Open Spaces

  1. YAY!!! I am just thrilled that you were able to do so much. Sounds like you had fun. Can’t wait to hear about Sturgis. Have a great time! Sending happy thoughts, positive vibes and good juju, always! xo

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  2. Thanks for taking all of us on this wonderful, fun adventure. So glad it was without medical incident. The pictures showed some pretty big smiles from both of you, and that made my day. Love to you.

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  3. Your Dad was at the wedding-Katie had a picture of him in her bridal bouquet, Jessica had an ankle bracelet with his picture on it and I had his picture in my hand bag. Of course, he was with us all in spirit and love. We all had a wonderful time with you and Tim–only it was way to short. So happy that you had so much fun and things to see in Arizona. The family and I send you love, strength, and endurance.

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  4. Paula,
    So glad you had a great trip out west! Loved the shot of you and Tim at the Grand Canyon. It’s a beautiful place made prettier by your smile!
    Sending love and hugs!

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