A Badass Badlands Adventure

We’ve finished our blitzkrieg of summer bucket list adventures. Last week was South Dakota, where we attended the 77th Sturgis motorcycle rally, visited Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument, drove through the Badlands and the Black Hills, reveled in the tackiness of Wall Drug, and hung out in Deadwood. Here’s a few of our travels in pictures for those who are interested.

I made it through the trip feeling pretty good, with only minor leg/foot swelling flare up, mostly due to flights and the altitude in some locations. Taking it slow and steady, with breaks in walking, helped manage my energy levels and kept us going throughout the day.

Poor Tim was kind enough to put up with my 6:00 am wake up calls to accompany me to breakfast at the hotel (darn steroids are still keeping me ravenous and sleep deprived). Speaking of, we would highly recommend the Deadwood Lodge to anyone traveling out that way; it’s a gorgeous facility located within a breathtaking landscape, and they were so thoughtful and accommodating. They didn’t penalize us for arriving late (our first flight out was canceled the morning of our planned departure, so we were a day late getting there) and gave us a lovely gift basket upon arrival. Plus they had a herd of mountain goats that kept hanging out and grazing below our hotel room window, so what more could you ask for?

Due to our hectic summer schedule, I went in for my infusion treatment this Monday, a week later than usual. I’ll be getting my regularly scheduled full body CT and bone scans within the next two weeks per doctor’s orders. My latest brain MRI is set up for September 12. Of course we will keep everyone posted on the results. I have not had a full blown seizure since March, although last month I had two instances of prodromal symptoms of a seizure (i.e., signs a seizure is imminent – in my case, a visual aura). I took the nasal spray my neurologist gave me to abort seizures in both cases, and it seemed to work. What all that means in regards to progression of my disease I do not know, but we’ll see what the scans have to say when we get them.

Although it’s outside of the usual context of this blog, I need to say that my heart hurts for what happened in Charlottesville this past week, and the growing chasm between what this country stands for and where its leadership is taking us. I hope we will all keep doing the right things and speaking out for those who have been silenced and/or marginalized. Things can only get better, right? Because I have it on my bucket list.



7 thoughts on “A Badass Badlands Adventure

  1. Thrilled to hear that you made it through these last couple of trips without feeling crappy and run down!!! Fingers and toes crossed that your test results are all good!! xo

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  2. Your trip sounded wonderful and I was so happy to hear that you made it through with little problems. You know that Tim would get up with you and for you at anytime of the night. because he loves you with all his heart. All the family in Seattle fell in love with him–as I knew that they would. Stay well and know that love is coming your way from Seattle.

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  3. Looks like another Tim and Paula AMAZING adventure. Thank you so much for sharing with us xo
    I understand your sadness with the recent events in Charlottesville. I just posted my thoughts and heartbreak on FB and agree with you on every front. If we are silent, we are compliant.

    Love you so much,

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