Steroid Stay Puft Paula

Just a brief post to let everyone know that my brain MRI showed NO new metastases and overall reduced swelling around the existing metastases. That’s good news on two counts. I see Dr. Chiang, neurosurgeon extraordinaire, on October 2nd and will find out more, but that’s the quick update from her nurse. I’m hoping they’ll let me stop taking these steroids so I will stop feeling (and looking) so puffy and hungry all the time.

As for the spot on my ovary that showed up on my recent CT scan, the gynecological oncologist I saw this week suspects it is just a run of the mill cyst (actually two cysts grown together). They will do another ultrasound in three months to ensure it hasn’t enlarged or shown signs of being cancer. I certainly don’t need my ovaries anymore if they need to come out; but with my complicated health picture they also don’t want to do any surgeries, especially with general anesthesia, unless absolutely necessary.

I said this would be brief so I’ll keep it that way. But I am going to ask a favor of all of you. The latest proposed healthcare legislation that Congress is considering to replace the Affordable Care Act, the Graham-Cassidy bill, has no real protections for the millions of Americans living with pre-existing conditions. The Senate is expected to vote on this on September 30th. Please educate yourself on the implications of repealing the ACA and replacing it with the Graham-Cassidy bill, then call your legislators and tell them what you think. Thanks for listening, learning, and acting.


8 thoughts on “Stable

  1. I am so happy that the scan results and word from the gyn once is all good news!!! Fingers crossed that they will take you off of the steroids. Those things suck. Sending lots of love, happy thoughts and positive juju! xo

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