Brain MRI Results Are In

The latest MRI says my brain is holding steady. Compared with the MRI that was taken before whole brain radiation (WBR), the new imaging shows no new tumors, and shrinking of some existing tumors. The swelling that was around my brain is also diminished. So good news on that front! I’ll have another brain MRI in three months to see how I’m progressing (or hopefully not progressing).

The only tough thing I’m dealing with right now is the nausea after-effects of WBR. So far I’ve tried Zofran, Compazine, Ativan, and Dexamethasone (steroids) in various combinations, dosages, and timings. I haven’t found the perfect recipe yet, but today I’m actually up and dressed before 10am, so I think it’s getting closer.

I’m working on a longer post for next week on my latest pet peeve – the failure of hospitals and medical centers to maximize the benefits of electronic health records (EHRs). But it will take me some time for my brain to process and express what I want to say (another WBR after-effect). So until next week, please enjoy this gif of a hospital I could definitely get behind:



6 thoughts on “Brain MRI Results Are In

  1. So happy to hear this positive news. Hoping the nausea can soon be resolved. You are one remarkable woman, look forward to your post on maximizing the use of electronic health records.
    Aunt Donna

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