Cheerio, folks. We are headed to the airport shortly to embark on the big adventure to London. And not to worry; the housesitters and petsitters are in place to keep any social media stalkers with bad intentions away (I know I’m performing an internet no-no in announcing our travels; but your prayers, happy thoughts, and good juju are needed).

We will try to post a few pics online while we are gone but other than that, don’t expect to hear from us until August.

And before I forget, the MRI was…meh. Many of my brain mets have grown, but the doctors think that’s in reaction to the last gamma knife. Others have stayed the same size. We’ll stay on the every three months brain MRI cycle until there’s reason not to. I also get a bone scan and body CT when we return for the neck down assessment.

See you when we fly back over the pond!

Paula & Tim

9 thoughts on “Cheerio!

  1. Cheerio, love! Have a wonderful trip, do lots of totally weird sh!t, eat lots of totally weird stuff, take loads of photos and enjoy yourself!!! Can’t wait to see all of your posts! (Read with English accent of your choice, but preferably not Cockney) Sending lots of love, positive vibes, happy thoughts and good juju, always! God save the Queen and all that.

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  2. Have an awesome time! Positive thoughts, vibes and juju! Have some sticky toffee pudding, bangers and mash and afternoon tea. Say HI to Harry and Meghan!

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  3. Can’t wait to see pictures from your trip. Enjoy the English and wallow in the sights of London and surrounding country side. So glad that you and Tim are making this trip together. Have a wonderful time, and stay well. All my love, N

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