London Tales

Much to my surprise and delight, we made it to London and back without a single medical incident. Oh wait…that is if you don’t count a skinned knee on the Dickens walking tour (after klutzy me fell up a step). We caught London during its biggest heatwave in years, and our hotel room AC worked intermittently, but it was still the trip of a lifetime.

I’m not going to deluge you all with a day-by-day travelogue, but you can see all of our pictures (most with captions) over at Flickr. We did all the typical London sites and museums, plus some extra special tours of all things Dickensian and British rock and roll sites and sounds.

A few non-photographic high points and observations:

  • My new favorite Londoner phrase is “Christ on a bicycle!” One of our tour guides used this gem several times to express surprise, especially as a comment on other drivers.
  • Mashed peas (served with fish and chips in London) are actually delicious.
  • KFC is not jut Kentucky Fried Chicken in London (yes, the Colonel has storefronts), it’s also shorthand for Korean fried cauliflower (also delicious).
  • Londoners – particularly the cab drivers – are extremely polite and helpful.
  • Jimmy Page is not just one of the world’s greatest guitar players, but he is also a champion for historic home preservation.

Back on the health front, taking dexamethasone (steroids) prior to, throughout, and three days after the trip made a huge difference in how I felt. I was dreading perhaps ending up “in hospital,” but aside from some awkward walking (those cobblestones are a bitch), the steroids kept my body in check. No headaches, stomach problems, or other issues.

I have a CT scan next week from the neck down and I’m optimistic that will continue to be clear of new growths. The next brain MRI isn’t until September. Until then, we’ll just keep on keepin’ on.


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