Summer of Celebrations

We took it easy this July 4th weekend with a quiet night at home. Well, not quiet. We live near the beach, and fireworks pretty much last from Memorial Day through Labor Day, with a surge during the Independence Day holiday. But I have managed to sleep through most of them, regardless.

This past week I had another round of radiation to my back (the first one was back in 2015 shortly after diagnosis), in hopes that it will alleviate ongoing pain in my lower back and right ribs. My last radiation treatment was 7/3/19. Right now I’m in the “I’m so exhausted, Trump’s military parade couldn’t even keep me awake” stage.

My brain is stable for now and I have finished my Avastin treatment for the time being. The latest follow up MRI showed that the drug had controlled the radiation necrosis we were dealing with there, and there are no new metastases. I’m off the steroids I was on and will have a follow up visit and MRI in six more months.

So overall (or for today), I am holding steady.

Now for the very VERY important bucket list news that I should have wrote about some time ago. Cas and Jasper have graduated!

Cas graduated from Smith College in May with High Honors and several special music awards. He started working his new job at Johnson String Instruments up in Massachusetts before he had even graduated. His mission is to introduce young people, some as little as 2 or 3, to the joy of music and orchestral instruments through school and community-based programs. He is living in MA with one of his former Smith schoolmates, and Cas & Natalie have managed to rescue a kitty for their new apartment already. 😉


Jasper’s graduation

Jasper graduated from Guilford High School and Old Saybrook High School systems (and he has a diploma for each) in June. It has been a difficult few years for him to deal with everything going on in his personal and family life (my cancer included), so this was a Herculean effort for him and I am SO proud. His best friend Nick was able to come out from Arizona to watch it with us, and there was much joy and Chinese food afterwards.

My dearest Tim surprised me with a wonderful gift last week. And that will give me something to tell you about next time so I can stay on this blogtrain and not disappear for another full month as I have a tendency to do.

8 thoughts on “Summer of Celebrations

  1. We are so excited to hear the graduation news!! It is such a special time to celebrate the accomplishments of your children. It is also a time to sit back and celebrate all the time and effort that parents have put in to get their children to this point in their lives. Great job, Paula!!
    Jim and Val Schuffler

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  2. Wow! Cas is graduated AND working already in a whole other state? Jasper gets a diploma from TWO schools? And again I say wow! It was one of my prayers that you’d be able to attend the graduations in the best possible health and I’m gonna keep praying that it stays that way!

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    • Amazing how fast they grow (I know…I know…that’s total cliche BUT TRUE!). I hope everything is going well with you and yours. Miss you!


  3. Paula, I’m so happy to read that you were able to attend the graduation of your two, brilliant children! Hooray and here’s to many more wonderful blessings for your family!!!

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