My Little Pony

So I can’t ride on our Harley Road King anymore due to my balance issues. This makes me very sad, especially when I’m sitting in our backyard and watching bikes cruise past the beach. But my loving, wonderful husband gave me something very special to try and heal that wound.


It’s a 1966 Ford Mustang, very similar to the one my dad had when I was very young (except his was dark blue). I’d call it “Sally” but that’s too common. While I may not be driving it much right now, it gives me a thrill just to sit in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride. It’s a beautiful car and I love it. It’s “Ford Tough,” just like me; it reminds me of my dad; and it came from the best partner in life that I could ever have.

In other news, I now have a visiting palliative care nurse. What is palliative care, you ask? It’s basically making sure I’m comfortable between oncologist visits (which are every three weeks) and can function in my home. A nurse comes to the house one or two times each week to check my vitals and see how I’m doing. It also gives me access to the physical therapy I need to get past this persistent shoulder and arm pain I’ve been having for over a month now. Now if only they cleaned!

I’ll be getting my quarterly body scans later this month to see if my cancer has stood still or spread further. It’s also getting to be time for a new brain scan. My neuro-oncologist has left Yale for another position (must be a good one…who leaves Yale?), so I have a new doc that I will meet next month. Finally, I will meet with the radiation oncologist in October as a follow-up on this last round of radiation I went through. Unfortunately, my spine and rib are still hurting and it’s been more than a month since the treatment, so we’ll see what the doc (and the scans) tell us.

13 thoughts on “My Little Pony

  1. I am sorry to hear that you have pain. I hope the nurses can help with that. Fingers and toes crossed that the pain subsides quickly and you like your new doc as much as the last one!! Sending happy thoughts, positive vibes, good juju, and lots of love, always, my friend.

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  2. What a beautiful car. So happy to hear you enjoying it. I can just picture you and Tim cruising around in it! Love and miss you so much sweet friend. Can’t wait to see you! Xoxoxoxo

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  3. Paula, I’m sorry for the pain & all the other things cancer is putting you through. I so admire that you did something we should all do. You made a bucket list & you checked off so much of it, England, the visit west, concerts, graduations. It shouldn’t take a serious illness for all of us to follow your lead. Enjoy your beautiful car while driving in the company of your wonderful husband. ❤️❤️😊

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  4. I LOVE turquoise and your version is stunning. If I weren’t already determined for my next car to be orange, I’d be looking to copy that for sure. I’m glad you’ve got someone coming to you to make sure you’re good. Hopefully it will prove to be the key to keeping you healthy for your joyrides!

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  5. Paula love your new ride
    Sorry to hear about your pain
    Hope they can find something to reduce the pain for you
    Always sending you positive good vibes
    Big hugs and kisses
    Barbara & Leo

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  6. Love the car and hoped to see an update from you by now. Hoping you’re riding with the wind in your hair before the winter months set in. Palliative care is a godsend even if like me I go to visit mine or talk to her via telemedicine.

    Love and peace in strange times,

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