Dear Diary: Wednesday

Part of a series of daily diary entries about living with MBC.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

4:30 am – Yes, I’m up to pee. Again. I manage to get back to sleep afterwards.

6:30 am – I’m up for Lidocaine patch removal.

7:00 am – Time for toast and my mountain of meds.

8:00 am – I zone on some vapid morning show news and work up my energy to get ready for the day, which takes a bit of time.

9:00 am – I look at the bed and think “I should make that,” followed quickly by the afterthought that “Eh, why make it? I’ll just climb back into it in a few hours.”

12:30 pm – Tim and I leave for my appointment with the Middlesex radiologist, Dr. Kahn. In early July, I had three sessions of targeted radiation on my spine to try and get rid of my back pain. It’s relieved slightly, so that’s something. I believe that might have been during my blogging break.

1:00 pm – My appointment with Dr. Khan begins. We go through the usual Q&A and standard neurological tests. He mentions that there is a procedure available that involves a surgeon injecting bone cement into the hole(s) in the affected vertebrae to strengthen it, but he wouldn’t recommend that for me right now. I’m not too crazy about the idea either. I’m supposed to call if neurological symptoms increase. I will do that, but I will call Yale first.

3:00 pm – Dr. Kandavelou calls to tell me he managed to get the comparison MRI films of my brain, and the spot in question (1.7 cm, so relatively small) was there during the last Yale brain MRI in September. Which means we hold course with current treatment for now unless the neuro symptoms increase or something else happens. My next brain MRI over at Yale is scheduled for December 4. So that’s our next goalpost.

3:30 pm – Late lunch/early dinner. Cheese enchiladas should keep my weight up (never thought I’d wish that). Those of you who know me realize this is a frozen, packaged product.

4:00 pm – My single act of housekeeping today – washing, drying, and folding a load of laundry. Actually, I’m going to say that’s three acts of housekeeping.

5:00 pm – Blog time. I swear I’m going to make this five days without skipping one.

7:00 pm – Tim puts Lidocaine pain patches on my back and shoulders.

7:10 pm – Pill time again.

7:30 pm – R & R for me and for Tim too when he stops working. Sleep will come not too far after.

Until Thursday…

4 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Wednesday

  1. So appreciate the daily updates my dear friend. You short-changed yourself on the housekeeping duties. I count a minimum of 5. Possibly 6!

    Putting the wash in the machine
    Taking it out
    Putting it in the dryer
    Taking it out
    Folding it
    *Bonus points if you put any of it away!

    Love you,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Paula,
    My mom had the bone cement procedure in GA a few years ago. She had osteoporosis and also did some damage falling off a ladder. The cement, or SEE-ment as it was called down south, did provide her with some relief (for what it’s worth).
    XO, Joannie

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