Dear Diary: Friday

The last in a series of daily diary entries about living with MBC.

Friday, November 1, 2019

4:30 am – Wake up to the sound of wind and rain whipping around the house. Realize that I must be dehydrated because I actually stayed in bed all night. Go to the bathroom as a precautionary measure and go back to sleep.

5:00 am – Hear Ollie singing nonstop from the other room, hoping to be plied with cat treats. Stuff earplugs in.

6:30 am –Lidocaine patches come off.

7:00 am – Tim brings me Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast (I highly recommend the chorizo breakfast burrito in a bowl) before he goes back to work. Judging by the weather, it will be a busy day for him.

7:15 am – Eat breakfast and take pill pile.

8:45 am – Keep my PJs on but get ready for the day the rest of the way. This is definitely a PJ day.

10:00 am – My eyelids are drooping. Need a nap. The internet just went down in the house so I consider that affirmation that I should sleep a bit.

2:00 pm And four hours later, she wakes up.

4:00 pm – Blog time. Have to finish this project. I’m going to be a psychic again and guess the evening will go as it usually does. Nothing like tempting fate.

6:30 pm – Drag out the case we have for all our pills so I can refill my weekly pill case (YES I have one of those).

7:00 pm – Tim puts Lidocaine pain patches on my back and shoulders.

7:10 pm – Pill time again.

7:30 pm – Going to try and stay up later tonight and get my sleep squared away.

And with that, my mini-diary is complete (minutiae and all). Here’s to a healthy November for everyone.


6 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Friday

  1. From my fiery California perspective, the sound of wind and rain whipping around would be kind of nice. You get that a lot more, so probably too common to enjoy. I hope you have a November of restful nights and yummy breakfasts.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your week. Very few realize what our lives are like at times especially during heavy chemo treatments. The nap is an art form I’ve never perfected- I wake up super disoriented and very bitchy. Keep strong, you have such a good supportive partner and for that you’re blessed. Having had the benefit for the past four months it would be very hard to live without it again. I really appreciate you taking the precious waking time to write your mini diary since it’s so hard to understand what happens when we fall down the metastatic rabbit hole.

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