London Tales

Much to my surprise and delight, we made it to London and back without a single medical incident. Oh wait…that is if you don’t count a skinned knee on the Dickens walking tour (after klutzy me fell up a step). We caught London during its biggest heatwave in years, and our hotel room AC worked … Continue reading London Tales


Cheerio, folks. We are headed to the airport shortly to embark on the big adventure to London. And not to worry; the housesitters and petsitters are in place to keep any social media stalkers with bad intentions away (I know I’m performing an internet no-no in announcing our travels; but your prayers, happy thoughts, and … Continue reading Cheerio!

Chi-Town Adventures

My bucket list 2017 Chicago trip is complete! While we had to make some last minute adjustments to accommodate an afternoon in the ER, it was a wonderful vacation filled with friends, family, food, music, and love. Your Obedient Servant, A. Ham We flew in Thursday morning and were fortunate enough to stay at the … Continue reading Chi-Town Adventures