Dear Diary: Friday

The last in a series of daily diary entries about living with MBC. Friday, November 1, 2019 4:30 am – Wake up to the sound of wind and rain whipping around the house. Realize that I must be dehydrated because I actually stayed in bed all night. Go to the bathroom as a precautionary measure and … Continue reading Dear Diary: Friday

Pinky and My Brain

It’s October, month of perpetual pink. For those of us with metastatic, stage IV breast cancer, it’s also a daily reminder that barring some dramatic new medical discovery, I won’t be cured in my lifetime. “Terminal” is not a word you hear much during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.As a patient, I try to be optimistic, … Continue reading Pinky and My Brain


The next two weeks should give us more focus into my new treatment plan. My latest brain MRI results are in. The biggest lesion right now, which was 13mm x 10mm in April, has grown to 21mm x 26mm. It’s in the left frontal lobe. The rest of my brain mets are generally stable (some … Continue reading Fortnight