Dear Diary: Thursday

Part of a series of daily diary entries about living with MBC. Thursday, October 31, 2019 1:30 am – You know what I’m up for. At least I know I’m hydrated. 6:30 am –Lidocaine patches come off. 7:00 am – Happy Halloween everyone! Time for toast and meds. 8:00 am – My visiting nurse, Laura, calls … Continue reading Dear Diary: Thursday


I received an email from a teenager last week. She was looking for guidance on how to deal with the loss of her mom this past summer. Like my youngest son, she is in her senior year of high school. A good therapist, counselor, and/or support group is always my first recommendation when we are … Continue reading Grieving

Pinky and My Brain

It’s October, month of perpetual pink. For those of us with metastatic, stage IV breast cancer, it’s also a daily reminder that barring some dramatic new medical discovery, I won’t be cured in my lifetime. “Terminal” is not a word you hear much during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.As a patient, I try to be optimistic, … Continue reading Pinky and My Brain