Dear Diary: Tuesday

This is the second of five daily diary entries about living with MBC. Tuesday, October 29, 2019 6:30 am – Lidocaine patch removal, courtesy of my dear hubby who has already been up a couple of hours working in his home office. I had trouble falling asleep last night, likely due to the steroids starting … Continue reading Dear Diary: Tuesday

Be Prepared: One for the Metsters

After a few recent and unexpected deaths in several of my communities, I’ve been reflecting a lot about “the end” lately. I’ve realized that in certain ways, I’m lucky to know that I’m terminally ill. With a medical diagnosis, even of metastatic cancer, you get a suggested chunk of time you’ll still be on this … Continue reading Be Prepared: One for the Metsters

Pinky and My Brain

It’s October, month of perpetual pink. For those of us with metastatic, stage IV breast cancer, it’s also a daily reminder that barring some dramatic new medical discovery, I won’t be cured in my lifetime. “Terminal” is not a word you hear much during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.As a patient, I try to be optimistic, … Continue reading Pinky and My Brain

Bang a Gong

Last Thursday marked my final session of whole brain radiation (WBR). Altogether, I had ten treatments (skipping weekends and holidays). After the first “set up” appointment, where they created a custom molded plastic mask to hold my head in the exact same position each time, the actual radiation process was a breeze. Before each session … Continue reading Bang a Gong